MOTUS Inc. Energy Policy

MOTUS Inc. Energy Policy

Motus Inc. Aware of the responsibility of carrying the Energy Management System; activities and services during the continuous improvement of energy performance, aims to make environmentally and economically sustainable. Motus Inc. To achieve this goal, as;

  • Motus Inc. under all the buildings and facilities that perform their production activities to reduce our specific energy consumption by 10 % by 2023 compared to the reference energy consumption 2018,
  • With the participation of our employees using resources without compromising on quality and energy efficiency in the most efficient way to manage their energy activities,
  • To provide the necessary resources for the development of energy awareness,
  • Constantly reviewing our performance and provide energy recovery,
  • Purpose and mobilizing knowledge and resources to accomplish our goals,
  • National and international laws and regulations necessary to comply with regulations and standards,
  • Top with low environmental impact approach to investigate the method of reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, implement and ensure the continuity,
  • Our facilities, our hardware in the design of our systems and processes and to consider changing the energy performance,
  • Energy efficient products and services, whether to use procurement efficiently,
  • Customers, authorities, stakeholders and issues related to energy management with subcontractors to communicate on common values and benefits,
  • We will allocate all necessary sources and support all actions to meet our target,

we are committed.

You as Your Employees Responsibility:

  • Motus understand their current energy policies and procedures for your tasks and adhere to them.
  • To reduce energy use in our operations or to suggest improvements to eliminate.
  • Support efforts to improve our overall sustainability efforts.


Faruk Soydemir
MOTUS Inc. Chairman of the Board
April 12, 2019