Since its establishment in 2003, MOTUS has been operating in the sector with the motto of “High Performance Shared Power ”; With its strong infrastructure, advanced machinery park, high capacity production, wide product range, competent and experienced staff, Motus is a growing brand on the national and international ground. MOTUS has adopted the goal of being an international brand that sets rules in its sector.

MOTUS, using high-quality spheroidal graphite cast iron for its products, has succeeded in producing world-class quality cast iron crankshaft in standard size tolerances with ADI (Austempered Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron Process) technology which is applied for the first time in our country as a result of the work of expert metallurgical engineers.

MOTUS has increased its quality by producing a very low error rate (0.1%) thanks to importing the fully automatic CNC grinding machines (robots) from Europe that it incorporates into the production line.

MOTUS started its production with crankshafts suitable for heavy vehicles, construction equipment and heavy industry engines and added crankshafts for passenger cars and commercial vehicle engines to its product range.

MOTUS, which manufactures crankshaft at its facilities with a covered area of ​​12 000 m2 and exports approximately 40% of its production, exports to a total of 50 countries, including 15 of which are members of the European Union.

The main goal of MOTUS, which continuously follows and uses innovative technologies in order to produce high quality crankshafts according to ADI standards, is to make cooperation with its customers and dealers sustainable. For this purpose, the After Sales Services team is equipped in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Adana and Konya regions to meet the technical support requests of its customers.



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